Many of us are practicing techniques which enhances our well-being, and one way to do this is through Reiki.


- Aids in releasing stress and tension

- A deep sense of relaxation and peace

- Encourages a deeper awareness of


- Restores energy balance and vitality

- A gentle and non-invasive technique


A natural and safe technique which assists

bringing harmony and balance on all



- Promotes a deep sense of relaxation

- Cleanses the body of toxins and impurities

- May improve circulation

- May reduce stress and tension

- Restores energy levels


Mental health & well-being are fundamental in enabling us to live full filling lives. By offering a counselling service which looks at the holistic self, we focus on the person in their whole experience. The approach which considers emotional and physiological, views the body, mind & spirit as interconnected.


- Creates mental clarity

- Assists with self-empowerment

- Explores individual personal growth &


- Helps us to feel better about our situation

- Encourages us to look at a new perspective

Cost of session:

$60.00 ($50.00 concession card holder)

for a one hour session

A combination of these modalities can be tailored to your individual needs for a 1.5 hour session:

$80.00 ($70.00 concession card holder)

If you are seeking a welcoming & supportive approach, please call Julie

M: 0410 290 255

email:[email protected]